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  • MINIS Counter the Countdown Chaos

    Nov 13 2022

    You know it’s happening when the John Lewis Christmas ad plays in the ad break of your favourite period drama. The countdown is well and...

  • Harness the power of the early morning

    Nov 04 2022

    The mornings are shrouded in darkness, the temperature has dropped just a little and it can seem a lot more appealing to hit snooze an...

  • National Stress Awareness Day 2022

    Nov 02 2022

    A regular feature of everyday conversation, a term used to describe many of our states of being, ‘stress’ gets a lot of air time. Many o...

  • MINIS - Layers, layers, layers

    Oct 21 2022

    Sweater weather is finally here. Dashing in and out of pockets of rain, bracing the blustery weather that isn’t quite coat-worthy. This ...

  • Inspired to move?

    Oct 07 2022

    Autumn in the UK feels like a transformational season. Our physical world changes around us, our summer of solar-powered fun powers us i...

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