ILU LOVES : London Marathon 2023

Posted on April 21 2023

The London Marathon evokes such a warm glow of emotions in spectators every single year. The 40,000(ish) runners, walkers, mascots and volunteers come together to create a spectacle that represents togetherness, achievement, endurance and really (really) hard work.


Why are we so drawn in by seeing the crowds move ever closer to the finish line each year? It’s a celebration of weeks, months, possibly years of hard work to get each participant to the start line, each with their own and often personal ‘why’. It’s first and foremost, a physical challenge of 26.2 miles, a huge mental battle and a collective of the most positive human energy, all against the backdrop of the iconic London skyline.


Hotly anticipated this year, Eilish McColgan is competing in her first London Marathon, nearly 30 years after her mum Liz McColgan won the very same event. She has represented Great Britain at the 2012, 2016 and 2020 Olympics, building up her medal collection stride by stride over middle-long distances. Her successes to date are inspirational, impressive and captivating, we can’t wait to see how the day goes for her on Sunday 23rd April.


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