HOW TO: Cross Training

Posted on July 28 2023

Your body benefits from a range of movement, intensities and style of training, and it doesn’t all have to be Groundhog Day when it comes to working out. Mixing up your workout schedule when you’ve been head down into one discipline might seem scary to start with. However, hitting one exercise type to the max, week in, week out, often leads to injury and exhaustion, not to mention a tiny bit of boredom! It’s the summer of moving for joy and the challenge.


Marketing Manager Naomi (hi!) uses ILU’s full range for her week of workouts.


Want to run faster, longer and increase your fitness level? Mix up your cardio and throw in a regular spin class, hit the pool or outdoor swimming area (you can do it!) and work on your fitness without pounding the pavement or treadmill. It’s often thought to increase your performance that an all-or-nothing approach is the only way. This is your reminder to consider crossing over into other forms of exercise to improve your ‘main’ discipline. You never know, you could end up loving another! Dream Spin Leggings really do it all: run, spin, HIIT train, strength train your way to your goals. Triathlon incoming…?


Go With The Flow for yoga, pilates, recovery and lifestyle. Yoga is so beneficial for all body types, training disciplines and can be considered anything from recovery to a full body workout. Choose a class you love by trying a few at your local studios or gym, alternatively, look for practitioners in your local area or online if this suits your schedule. Making time for mindful movement is key, wearing the right outfit that you don’t have to think twice about makes flowing through the week that little bit sweeter.


Summer time is here, shorts are very much on the radar, what better reason for embracing sports? Inspired by the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, why not take your workout outside and soak up some nature whilst you move? Grab the opportunity for connecting to a new community of women in your area, join a local football, netball, rugby, hockey or bootcamp and reap the benefits of group exercise. Dream Spin Shorts in Barbie-approved Pink, or Classic Black for the trusty #workoutwardrobe staple, feel the support and performance of the Dream Spin Leggings in shorter, flattering form.


It's your summer, wear it your way.

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