HOW: Mindful movement when on your travels

Posted on February 10 2023

We’re huge advocates for moving whilst travelling, exploring the world and changing your scenery. So an intuitive, purposeful and mindful way of spending spare time could be the perfect opportunity to ground and centre. When our surroundings change, our tick-list of feel-good activities doesn’t have to.

Routine anchors us, tap into the local hive of activity, when do the locals move? When do they rest? The flow of the day may fluctuate with different temperatures, so bear this in mind when planning sweatier workouts. Catching the opportunity to move, stretch, restore your muscles and nourish your body will never be a regret.

Of course, total relaxation is good too, and many use travel as a break from their to-do list or fitness goals. Instead of your treadmill or wintery runs, get your steps in by exploring where you are, hiking the scenery or walking tours of the city.

Moving mindfully wherever in the world you happen to be - be it a morning stretch, swim, jog or bike ride - supplements your much-needed breakaway with endorphins and a sense of achievement.

Enjoy your travels, sneak in some movement and notice your enjoyment skyrocket!

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