A great night out ends with a great night in

Posted on December 08 2023


Your key finds the front door and the anticipation of that ‘just-home’ feeling is moments away. You love dressing up and spending time with good friends, but getting home, closing the door, and exhaling into the rest of your evening is made all the more sweet when you think of your get un-ready routine.


Shoes off, exhale. Your feet find the floor and appreciate the flatness, sumptuous carpet catches them, or perhaps the coolness of the laminate soothes any aches and pains.


Shrug off the party look, exhale. Climbing into your Chill Time Culottes, ready to do just that. The cosy, relaxed fit of the culottes glides over your hips and throwing on your cosiest top, take the time to enjoy pulling on the Hygge Cardi. Cocooning yourself in cosy, officially switching to Chill Time mode.


Make up off, exhale. Your favourite skincare ritual awaits,  starting with Garnier Micellar Water and reusable cotton pad - including time for a double cleanse (trust CeraVe for sure) - and you treat your skin to your trustworthy serums, followed by a nourishing CeraVe moisturiser, flooding the skin with hydration and ceramides.


You fill up your Stanley cup with fresh filtered water and get cosy on the sofa. Striking a match and lighting your Toorak Candle Co candle to fill the room with your favourite blend of scents.


A great night out, followed by a great night in.

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