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#ILUSHARES What are we made of?

Posted on October 27 2023



We believe that Beautiful Activewear Includes Adaptive. Adaptive meaning easier activewear which sits alongside regular designs for those with mobility/dexterity issues. Feeling good in your outfit makes a huge impact to your active lifestyle, self-esteem and motivation to keep moving in a way that makes your heart smile, whether you are able-bodied or have other needs.



We are proud to be #SLOWFASHION. We choose to work with factories that uphold the highest EU standards. Working conditions are safe and fair, with environmental impact carefully monitored. Working in the EU minimises our carbon footprint, and we always make for longevity, not landfill.



Many of our pieces are made seamlessly for ultimate comfort, for a smooth and flattering fit. We offer athletic styles with performance fabrics as well as holistic styles incorporating bamboo, cotton and viscose blends. Our design signature is sophisticated and feminine without compromising on function.



We continue to be inspired by the women we meet and sell to at events and via our stockists, now that we are post-pandemic and able to be stocked in studios, gyms and wellbeing spaces, keep an eye out for us!

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