MINIS: Seek out and soak up nature

Posted on August 04 2023


The soothing of green spaces, being beside or in wild water, the feel of earth underfoot, just a few examples of the ways in which soaking up nature speaks straight to the soul. Seeking out fresher, clearer and less polluted air whilst chasing forest trails over cityscapes, the sound of that alone is enough to inspire discovering new places.


Study after study has shown that regular breaks in nature are so beneficial not just for physical health, but mental health more so. Choosing to take your workout outdoors is proven to soothe anxiety and exposure to Vitamin D (SPF non-negotiable) is also packed with benefits for immunity and is a natural mood-booster.


Ditch boring travel for the scenic route, run your commute or explore the areas of natural beauty around you whilst away. Seek out Mother Nature at every opportunity. Green space, sea views - whatever your choice - be fully present and notice the effects of the changes in seasons. Take time to be observant and to mentally note how your surroundings made you feel. You might just find yourself retreating to nature more and more.

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