Posted on July 21 2023

Wrapping up some projects before you switch your inbox settings to OOO? Whether it’s a staycation, vacation or - as we’ll discuss later - a mini break during the day, below we share some ideas on getting the most of your OWN time.


Planning for rest

If you are heading for a getaway, you are going to want to be fully present, wherever the destination may be. If stepping away sends your mind into a spin, can you hand over responsibilities/press pause knowing that you’ll be even more effective and productive, all because you’ve chosen to rest?


For steady and sustainable progress, rest is essential. Optimising and preparing to rest requires organisation so that the dust can settle. So, go through your checklists, and your ESSENTIAL to-do’s to ensure that a full switch-off is possible. That’s emails off, work phone away, shifting gears in your thoughts to remember you have earned the rest you’ve planned for.


You don’t have to go away to go away

Maybe it’s not feasible or possible to leave your commitments and explore somewhere new, perhaps due to time allowance or cash flow. Instead, build rest into your week, and reclaim parts of your daily routine that are solely for you.


After reading The 5am Club recently, we have found a whole new approach to the early morning, and whilst the first few days can be a challenge, we’ve found that dedicating some time right at the start of the day - before the working/caring day begins - is a real perspective shift.


The knowledge that you’ve begun a day at your own pace, with whatever you struggle to find time for later on in the day, encourages you to carve out more moments for yourself throughout the day.




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