Posted on June 02 2023


Inspired by our long-time friend and ambassador, Angie Haviland-Wyer aka @angie_hw_pt_ we invite you to WEAR THE DAMN SHORTS.


Not tomorrow.

Not when you’ve got more of a tan.

Not when you’ve toned ‘X’ amount.


You deserve to feel your best summer self, regardless of any aesthetic. Embracing our bodies just as they are whilst working hard to increase fitness is a very real possibility. It’s a mindset shift from viewing yourself as a WIP (work in progress) to the beautiful work of ART that you are.

Move for joy, wearing the fits and colours that boost your mood. For us, it’s Ruby Pink Shorts for all our running, cycling and adventures as the sunny days come back in full swing. Also available in Classic Black for the chic-wear-with-anything vibe.

Worried about stepping out in your brand new shorts? Focus on what you CAN currently do, be excited to build on that and, most of all, focus on your own process rather than anyone else’s. Don’t get sucked into the comparison cycle, focus on what you can control.

We designed our shorts to tick all the feminine, flattering and functional style boxes, to support your fitness adventures and boost your confidence.

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