MINI: Dive into FIT in February

Posted on February 02 2024


It’s February, officially *in* 2024 and exactly when the January fitness goals tend to drop off. Don't! The progress (however big) that January held, can be used as a springboard towards your 2024 wellness goals.


Building consistency

If you adopted new habits in January, it’s likely they have worked their way into your brain’s pathways (this typically takes 21 days), but if it’s not quite automatic just yet, keep going and let the healthy habit sink in. A cliche, but it really is a marathon, not a sprint, and change can feel a little confronting or uncomfortable, but this is how you know a shift is happening.


It’s in the detail

I heard recently ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’ and that *hit* home. If you train randomly, you’ll get random results, so bringing consistent and new movement into your routine is not only going to improve your discipline in other areas of your life, you’ll also feel the change in your body and mind.


Be accountable to yourself

Snooze your alarm every morning and skip the morning workout or sacred morning routine? Remember how that made you feel, and make a conscious choice to not self-sabotage the next morning. And when you do stick to the plans that you made the night before, you teach yourself self reliability and trust in yourself to follow through on your promises.

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