The Best Morning Ingredients

Posted on September 15 2023

The Best Morning. Elusive to most, untapped for its potential by most, and often the biggest battle with the snooze button. Weighing up the extra Zzz and the slow and quiet start to the day, it’s rough to start with - no sugar-coating here - but once a habit is built and the morning opens up, you might just find yourself a golden window of time to do what you may struggle to find time for once the day’s demands start. Here are a few things that help us to have the best morning.


Make the early wake-up more enticing by planning your first hot drink of the day. Lately, we’ve been saving coffee for a teeny tiny bit later and starting the day with hot water and half a lemon squeezed. You may be thinking “It’s not coffee though is it?!”. But, trust us, the sharp, sweet and steamy cup not only wakes you up with a zing, but it’s also a really beneficial way to start the morning, with a morning shot of Vitamin C. The acidity also aids digestion and keeps certain other morning routines a little more comfortable. Grab your novel or journal and sip as you ponder.



A sure-fire way of not climbing back into bed: get an outfit on that you feel all kinds of GOOD in. We love to start the morning in the Sunrise Leggings (an obvious choice, we know) but the super-soft fabric, supportive waistband and aesthetically gorgeous gradient bring a whole VIBE to the early morning. Paired with an easy on/off crop - our Go With The Flow Crop in Black or Olive feels like a hug for your upper body. Enjoy the adjustable halter neck style, with its seamless construction for ease of movement. Last but not least, the Supermodern Mesh Top is our go-to for its versatility, comfort and breathability. Wear it your way and get moving.



You might be type to hurtle out the door to an early morning class, or perhaps you join one online, or press play on your favourite yoga playlist. However you like to move, getting some of this in early pays off tenfold for the rest of the day. We love ALO MOVES for its huge offering of yoga, pilates, fitness and coaching content. Classes at our local gym - énergie fitness and St. M's Gym in St Margaret’s where group classes motivate and inspire pushing that little bit further.



On-the-go nutrition? Grab a Deliciously Ella Trailmix Snack Bar, we adore these for a quick and easy way of boosting energy, and replenishing the body with fibrous nutrition, all the while knowing that minimal refined sugar is used in creating them.

Making a smoothie? We discovered Aduna Superfood Blends at the recent Balance Festival, our particular favourite is the Beauty Powder, closely followed by the Moringa Superfood Blend which we add to our morning smoothies. Tip: make the balance of fruit and veg heavier on the veg side, throwing in berries is a great sweetener, antioxidant, and ensures maximum absorption of all that goodness!



Making NICE coffee at home really came into its own during lockdown, and it’s a morning ritual we’ve kept going strong. Where would we be without our Nespresso Virtuo machine? Have your own #NespressoMoment and brew your own at home with the huge selection of pods and blends, fill the kitchen with (arguably) the best morning aromas = fresh coffee. With this routine, you’re ready to take on the day mindfully.

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