You're already her.

Posted on December 27 2023


You’ve set the goals, albeit loftier than usual thanks to all the inpso, the highlight reels on Instagram, TikTok and peer pressures to want to Reach. All. The. Milestones.


But have you considered that the same woman hypothetically (and realistically) achieving these goals is live and kicking, and is…you? What if you’re already her? Without radical transformation, before and afters or unfair comparison.


You deserve to be ‘her’ exactly as you are. Not a free pass to not strive to get fitter, more accomplished, financially comfortable or whichever goal you’ve set your sights on, but to consider who that ‘free pass’ would even come from. Is it your own expectation or based on your own desires?


When you realise that no one is coming to fix, action, chase after you or your goals except you, that is the revelation. That is the transformation when you realise you don’t have to be a constant self-improvement project. Even if you feel you haven’t achieved what you set out to, even if you write your goals knowing they don’t feel in the realm of possibility. So we adjust, we create smaller wins, we adapt the plan, not scrap the plan altogether.


New Year doesn’t have to mean a New You. Because you deserve celebration exactly as you appear, communicate with others and spread your magic. You’re already her, so love her, nourish her, move when it feels good, rest when it’s needed.

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