Inhale Spring - reset, recycle, refresh

Posted on March 26 2023

Spring brings growth, possibility, an opportunity to shed (a few) winter layers and open up to start a new season. It can be a time of renewal personally, professionally and in our lifestyles.

Decluttering and making space for a new phase can be so refreshing and much-needed. We encourage a gentle Spring Clean of your activewear. Do you have leggings or crops that have worn out, no longer fit, or you no longer like? Don’t put it in landfill! Look up your local clothes recycling bank, and when making your ‘keep’ ‘chuck’ ‘charity’ piles, make a pile for recycling. If the item is in great condition, you may also want to pass these along to a friend who may get more use out of them.

Of course, the time comes when a little wardrobe refresh is needed, and can be a huge motivator to get back to that studio, gym or home practice. Revamping your look, how you feel and the impact that has on your self esteem is so underestimated. A great workout starts with feeling comfortable, supported and powerful.

Our recently-returning, best-selling pair of leggings, The Dream Spin Leggings are a great investment to mix and match with your workout wardrobe. Also available in an Adaptive offering - made to be a twin of the original, but with added style features to help getting them on and off so much easier - we include our pivot to becoming Inclusively Adaptive, one product release at a time.

Shop the collection to inject some feminine, flattering and functional activewear.

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