Chasing the Daylight

Posted on November 10 2023


So you’ve nailed your sleep routine (ish) and you’ve been told all about the benefits of regulating your circadian rhythm - the idea that a 24 hour structure for the body to work optimally works best - but did you know that this is also paced by light exposure?


Getting into a sleep/wake cycle that synchronises with the daylight hours available creates an optimal rhythm, having exponential benefits to mood, energy levels, feelings of connection and structure to daily life. Our individual circadian rhythm is set by us, when we drift off and the time of day we wake up is integral to our health and wellbeing, cognitive function and Getting Things Done.


Chasing the daylight in the Autumn and Winter months offers a vital dose of Vitamin D which in promotes positive mental health. Getting outdoors during the daylight has been proven by numerous studies to help in regulating the circadian rhythm, and the reason for getting outside almost always adds to this too. Do you enjoy brisk walks, runs in nature, cycling for fun or to work? When you chase the daylight, you’re moving to do so, which is even more benefit for getting out there.


Greet the sun with our Sunrise Leggings and embrace the early mornings with an outfit to match. Seamless construction, supportive at the high waist and the perfect ombre to salute the sun. Press play on your favourite yoga class, move your body and start your day in the best way. Movement creates energy.


No one regrets a walk, a useful reminder is that if you have movement plans outdoors you are considering cancelling/postponing, instead of scrapping the plan, adapt it to what you need. Could your long run be a medium one? Or could it transform into a walk along your favourite route instead? When we slow things down and adapt the goal instead of cancelling plans altogether, we create accountability for our actions, boosting self esteem and confidence. Bringing mindfulness to your movement, taking in the surroundings and inhaling fresh air wrapped in your favourite layers, (Hello, Sculpt Me Top) all adds up to a more mindful life.


From a safety point of view for us women, planning our outdoor exercise during daylight hours can be limited when we have a busy work or care diary. On days that are challenging to fit in a workout, transform your commute, your errands and your travels to expose yourself to sunlight at every opportunity. Chase the sunlight, synchronise to the daylight and watch your energy, motivation and enjoyment of life increase!

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