International Women's Day 2023

Posted on March 08 2023


Looking to the power of female founder-ship, are we influenced, empowered and encouraged by founders like Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop, Kourtney Kardashian Barker of Poosh and Cosmoss by Kate Moss? It’s no question that such powerhouse women have highlighted the importance of selfcare, a focus on wellbeing, whilst selling more than products, also a lifestyle built from healthy habits.


With International Women’s Day this year running with the theme of #EmbraceEquity we wanted to explore the influence and power of women in the wellbeing and fitness industries. A Forbes article titled Wellness And Fitness Is One Of The Top Industries For Women In Leadership written March 2022 quotes Donna Pratte, CEO of a multimillion-dollar global supplement business, NBPure.


“We are living in a time when people want to be healthy. They want great, quality products that are proven to work. They want solutions from honest and conscientious companies about things like their individual health, family health, and global health. We want this to be a brand without borders because we all share many of the same goals - a healthy, amazing, incredible life,” Pratte.


Seeing women take increasingly more leadership roles, whether they are seen or unseen, is encouraging to see, but what of the non-celebrity start-ups that rely on building their brands from the ground up? Whilst well-being super-brands pave the way for conversation around equity in leadership positions, it’s women in the fitness industry that started their own empires that peaks our interest. Kayla Itsines’s Sweat, Yoga with Adrienne, Jillian Michaels, they are all inspiring trailblazers in their industries.


Being a female-founded start-up, we at ILU Fitwear have experienced being in a growing industry that feels empowering. It is filled with entrepreneurs that innovate and explore their markets with user experience, inclusivity and representation in mind. With recent studies analysed by Strength Ambassadors in 2022 showed 54% of gym memberships and 76% of group exercise classes were female, with the most popular classes being spin, aerobics and yoga. Female consumers and users of gyms are proportionally higher, which means more demand for activewear.


Embracing Equity in this space is vital for the next generation to witness and experience. It’s an exciting time to be women in the fitness and wellbeing industries, but also note that the goal is not domination, just an equal share of potential, leadership and inspiration.

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