Minis: Easy Wins

Posted on January 05 2024


It’s noisy out there, right? Lots of inspiration flying around, lots of comparison and berating for falling ‘off’ the wagon with whichever New Year goal you had set. We aren’t here to add to this noise, but to simply suggest 3 quick UPS that are fool-proofed to make you feel good, the best part being that it’s all free, accessible, and totally within your control.

UP your water

Simple, obvious, but effective. At a time of year when detoxes are rife, the body might have been over indulged over the Christmas period (we all have) water is your best friend in detoxifying your system, aiding healthy function, hydrating the brain which makes you more alert and energised. There really are no down sides to upping your water in take, and it makes a huge difference to your mood, your wellbeing and your skin.


UP your steps

If you run, if you walk dogs or if you walk part of your commute, you are likely getting a good amount of steps in, but it’s those in between bursts of steps that break up long periods of inaction that really make all the difference. Can you find the opportunity to up your steps by walking more of your commute, your errands or your dog? (They will thank you for it!). Little and often is the key, we were made to move.


UP your gratitude

At times that we feel a lack or a scarcity, gratitude can play a huge role in boosting our feelings of wellbeing. By appreciating what we have, things, moments, fitness, choosing a ‘get to’ instead of ‘have to’ mindset, we can reframe our responsibilities, goals and tasks. No toxic positivity here, just acknowledgement of our blessings.


So let’s embrace the New Year with MORE of the above!

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