MINI - Power Hour Revisited

Posted on May 26 2023

Have you enjoyed waking up to (mostly) blue skies? Inspired to harness your power hour and begin the day with whatever sets your soul alight? We previously touched upon the concept of the Power Hour, the book and podcast with the same name, by Adrienne Herbert aka @adrienne_ldn , that has inspired many to consider reclaiming the first hour of the day to get closer to goals, practice self care and begin with intention.


It starts with making a short list of things that you never seem to find time for once the day has begun, or that you wish for more time to indulge in. There are so many distractions, so many potential excuses to push your chosen activity back, back and further back until it’s off the agenda completely. This is why we love the concept of the Power Hour to encourage a mindful start to each day.


For some, it’s working out. In the gym, welcoming the day with sun salutes (yoga) or lacing up and running while the sun comes up. Spring/Summer is the best time to form an early workout habit, with sunlight exposure causing the natural response of a serotonin boost, also working wonders for our circadian rhythm (wake-sleep cycle). Many find that this mood-boost lasts all day, including us, and after the first few tries feeling - perhaps a little - groggy and sluggish, the brain is a wonder at creating a link between positive action and habit. The sense of achievement in moving the body has such a profound impact on self esteem, you might just find yourself becoming *that* morning person.


For others, it’s catching up on reading. If you prefer mental stimulation first thing, waking up with a coffee and the book you can’t put down is a feel-good way to start the day. If you like to read in solitude with minimal disturbances, this is your golden window of opportunity to work your way through the chapters. Get lost in the story, get inspired by the advice and carry this gentle start with you for the rest of your day.


And if the above doesn’t interest you, beginning the day simply and slowly with peace, meditation and self-care could transform the waking hours of your day. Run a bubble bath, treat yourself to an eye mask (goodbye morning puffy eyes) and ease in to your morning by nourishing and pampering. Take a moment whilst you get ready for the day to list the things you are looking forward to, things that you are grateful for, people you can’t wait to catch up with.


Ultimately, the first hour of the day is your time to get done the things you always wish you had at the end of the day. So, whatever that looks like, set your alarm a little earlier to explore this magic window of time and find what sets your soul alight.

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