ILU LOVES - More sport for girls!

Posted on April 14 2023

An incredible decision from the UK Government, announced on International Women’s Day 2023, shows a remarkable and long-awaited change of perspective on engaging women and young girls into sport. Following the inspiring summer of the women’s Euro’s - in which the Lionesses were victorious - an emphatic need for using this highlight in women’s sport to inspire the next generation has been front and centre of not just media coverage, but also in Government meetings.


For women and young girls to see the power of team sports from a young age is not only aspirational, it is essential for sending a message that women’s place in sport should have always been, and continue to be, equal to that of men’s sport.


With the announcement of £600m in funding poured into school sports for girls, the Lionesses have campaigned for this on and off the pitch. A young girl interviewed on BBC News speaks from the heart, ’You can run around, you can pass the ball, you can try and score, and you’re doing what you love, and loving what you do’. Seeing the tide change towards a more equal playing field for young girls and boys in school is so brilliant to see, with its impact reaching beyond football and impacting many more team sports


We are so excited to see how this funding will make a difference to young girls mental and physical health, self esteem and aspirations. All eyes on the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup in July.

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