A Sober Party Season Guide

Posted on December 01 2023

Does the thought of Christmas party after Christmas bonanza fill you with pre-drink-xiety? We all know Hangxiety is a real thing, but there also exists an anxiety that we will somehow feel pressured to drink, spend and consume more than we feel is right for us, which makes the thought of seasonal expectations off-putting.


Enter: the sober curious community that have sign posted the way for a fuzz-free night out, a bright and fresh way to unwind without the fallout the following day. Goodbye to groggy next-day feels, and instead a morning that contains more movement in *of course* your favourite activewear.


With many no and low alcohol brands emerging on the market, and long-standing favourites increasing their drinks offerings to include 0% alternatives, here’s a few you should consider if you’re interested in a sober (or reduced alcohol) party season.


Remember more

Drink Carouse founded by content creator Steph Elswood has its tag line ‘A drink to remember’, and we absolutely love this idea for a less predictable night out that ends the same sorry way. Treasure memories with your colleagues and loved ones, whilst you unwind thanks to the adaptogens (natural and herbal stress-relievers) without the dreaded morning fog, searching your mind for the memories you created. It’s also absolutely delicious and highly recommended by us!


Quality over quantity

Banish the bingeing behaviour and savour incredible quality in the craftsmanship of Clean Co Liqueurs. With Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey and Tequila dupes that taste incredible WITHOUT sugar *mind blown*, you can enjoy your sober evening without compromising on taste and ritual. The taste and quality of these ‘Clean’ Liqueors are an eye opener to considering a different lifestyle, to ‘toast to tomorrow’ and looking to a clearer future version of you. The founder message is clear, enjoy your rituals, and smash your goals in the morning with a clear head, too.


There’s a crowd

With many big-name brands now offering 0% options, why not try Tanqueray 0% Gin (founder Mary is a big fan) mixed with your favourite Fever Tree tonic and garnished with your favourites too? It’s the kind of inclusivity in the market that makes us happy to see.


Sleep better too

Bringing focus to brands that cater for more than one drinker demographic, Trip Drinks are infused with adaptogens and a low dose of CBD that has a natural stress relieving quality, proven to aid relaxation and better sleep. It’s also very accessible, being sold in supermarkets and on many restaurant menus as an alternative to their alcoholic offerings, we particularly love the Peach & Ginger variety!


So, with all that improved sleep, marked reduction in anxiety and fresh energy for morning movement, shop some of our favourites for this time of year to get you closer to your wellbeing goals (we’re still thinking about those, right?).


Dream and Sculpt with all that morning vitality and embrace the pockets of sunshine wearing the cosiest active set that we offer. Made up of our best-selling Dream Spin Leggings and Sculpt Me Top, head on down to your local parkrun on Saturday mornings, looking and feeling your freshest.


Self love over self-sabotage

Booked that morning yoga class that you are forever cancelling? Now you’re sleeping better and feeling refreshed, don’t give into the snooze button, lose a class credit (!) in the process, and climb into your Go With The Flow Set. A buttersoft feel, easier to get on/off by design, super-flattering cut that flatters AND functions for your class. Is there any better feeling than sticking to the class schedule you booked on Sunday night?

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