Autumn Running - Our Top Picks

Posted on October 07 2023


From solar-powered runs in the summer, to crunchy-under-foot runs in the autumn, we dive into all things Autumn running, including our must-haves, training advice and embracing your Autumn running wardrobe with a few staples that never let us down.




Watching nature shift into a different gear as you explore your local area is all part of moving mindfully, instead of seeing a run as a Head Down, Get It Done activity. Take the time to look around, and appreciate how far you’ve come, and if you stop to walk and breathe, you’ve still been for a run! 

A mantra we like to use is ‘I’m already here’. A simple and encouraging reminder that even at the toughest point, recognising where you are and the strength and determination it took to even get out the door, may just push you a little further. Make your run a moving meditation and it totally reframes




Pure Sport Freeze Roll on is our running best friend in a bottle. Containing ingredients like Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Peppermint and Lemongrass, and 1000mg CBD* is a saviour for joint and muscle recovery. Roll on to areas where you feel tension before or after a workout (as well as a thorough warm-up and cool down!) and let the botanicals sink in.

*If you have any concerns or are unsure whether it is right for you, please check this is appropriate for you with your Dr before using! It works for us, only use it if it works safely for you too.




Our Dream Spin Leggings really come into their own in this season. Our most athletic design is now available in short form too. So supportive, flattering and ultimately reliable in keeping you feeling your best. The best leggings are ones you can put on and not think about until you take them off. Don’t just take our word for it, runner and PT Eliza Flynn aka @thewarriormethod says

“There comes a time when the weather turns; I pack away my shorts and that’s when I turn to leggings. Especially for my morning runs when there’s still a chill in the air, I love that the Dream Spin Leggings come up high - there’s nothing like a cold stomach to put you off running!”.




Our favourite account to follow for inspiration is the @thehaveagos on Instagram and Facebook. A sensational group of women that aim to take the fear out of movement, encouraging women to partake in events that they might have written themselves off for. A community like no other here in the UK and we can’t wait to join their upcoming events. Give them a follow to get inspired to move!

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