ASK ANGIE - Fitness at home

Posted on September 08 2023

Inspired to get moving in September and want to make a start on your fitness journey at home? Angie Haviland-Wyer, founder of Studiobelle Fitness in Warminster, has ideas on to build your strength at home.


I don’t want to go to the gym just yet, how can I move just with bodyweight exercises?


I'd choose the following to gradually increase in reps week by week.


1: Upper body - press ups, moving your whole body weight is hard so start with the knees down, still a great workout!


2: Lower body - squats but not as you know them! Feet hip width apart, challenge yourself by going slow on the descent, and explosive on the way up, contracting the glutes when you get to the top.


3: Core- planks - you can start with max effort holds on the elbows, then make your way up to your hands and add in shoulder taps, knee taps, leg lifts to challenge the core and stability.


Should I also schedule rest days?

We all need de-load weeks to get stronger, the body will relish in the rest and be ready to hit some big weights on their return.


You can work with Angie from home if you need the support and accountability with the Ready Shred Glow programme! Head to her Instagram to find out more.

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