ILU's International Day of Happiness

Posted on March 20 2023

Today is International Day of Happiness, with this year’s theme being Be Mindful, Be Grateful, Be Kind. We wanted to respond to this inspiring campaign in our own words and to express how we at ILU Fitwear approach this day and all it stands for.


Be Mindful

We take so much pride in producing mindfully and are considerate of our impact, from the very beginning of production to delivery to our customers. Our collection is designed in the UK and made in Portugal, at a factory that meets the highest EU standards of safe working, fair pay and minimal impact on the environment as is possible. We do not Greenwash. We design for longevity.


Be Grateful

Each time we see an order come through, a content creator dropping gorgeous content into our inbox, or the opportunity to exhibit at industry-leading events, our hearts are so grateful.

Connecting with our ambassadors and their audiences is a great source of joy. We appreciate the time taken to capture gorgeous imagery wearing ILU Fitwear, and count ourselves lucky to have such a kind and generous community.


Be Kind

At ILU Fitwear, kindness is King (or Queen!). We develop our collection with inclusivity in mind, as seen with our exciting pivot to create easier activewear that is - by design - kinder on the mind and body! Shop Adaptive here.

Spread some kindness today, practice gratitude and be mindful with your thoughts and actions.

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