Solar-powered Running

Posted on June 23 2023


We’ve had the Summer Solstice, so it’s official - solar-powered running is here.

If you are new or returning to running, this season welcomes you with bright early mornings, more daylight hours and the welcome Vitamin D. Perhaps inspired by the idea of running to start your day before the heat rises, here are some quick tips for maximising your summer of running(love).


Get out there early

Harness your morning energy from the rising sun and you’ll find cooler temperatures, less intense UV Rays and more comfortable conditions to hit your distance goals. Another great reason is that once it’s done, you can begin your day knowing you’ve achieved something great just for you. As the day goes on, the excuses grow and grow!


Don’t scrap the plan, just adjust your pace

Your body will be working harder to keep you cool, so instead of totally writing off a run, can you find shady areas to run and drop back your pace? If you head out in higher temperatures, adjust your pace and drop back by about 20% to ensure you aren’t burning out. Maybe take your speed/interval session to later on in the week when you can fit in an earlier and cooler run.


Kit is everything

Be sure to consider a balance of comfort and practicality, choosing a technical kit to ensure you can focus on your run and not constantly pulling things up/down!

Hint: Summer running = Dream Spin Shorts.

Also, wear a light-coloured hat to keep the heat off your head and don’t forget suncream on ANY exposed skin! Dodgy tan lines? No, thank you.


Discover a love for moving your body

Be proud of each run you undertake, and know that walking breaks don’t cancel out ANY achievement. You’ve still been for a run and walking breaks in the heat are not just smart, they make all the difference for building fitness and endurance gradually.

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