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#ILULOVES : Our picks to melt the day away

Posted on September 29 2023



With the temperature edging its way down, the daylight getting slowly shorter, it’s officially cosy season. You may find yourself drawn to warmth, comfort, nourishment and indulgence in selfcare. Here are a few of our favourites to see us through Autumn.



In a bubble bath with Neal’s Yard Remedies. Lavender and Geranium essential oils soothe with fragrances that mark the start of a relaxing evening. The Aromatic Foaming Bath is our top pick.



What better - after your soak - than to climb into than the Chill Time Culottes? Sumptuous, luxurious feeling fabric that cocoons the hips and lower tummy, flared at the leg for comfort and effortless style. This is our Autumn uniform!



Take care of your skin with the Garnier Complete Sheet Mask Collection. Suitable for a huge variety of skin concerns, choose the mask that speaks to your needs today. Impossible to choose a favourite!



With a yoga Nidra, a wonderfully ritual-like end to your day. Find your practice, let the body scan and guided meditation ease you into a peaceful slumber.

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