Time To Talk Day 2023

Posted on February 02 2023

How many times do you answer ‘How are you?’ honestly or ask it with the curiosity to know the honest answer? This year’s #timetotalkday is a powerful and inspiring reminder to check in on those you love or perhaps work with. A question asked is an opportunity to strengthen bonds, share worries and concerns and build a support network.

As well as opening ourselves up to those listening, make space for their replies in return. Normalising discussing what weighs us down, what stops us sleeping or nudges us into unhealthy habits can be the catalyst for change.

Mind Charity and Rethink Mental Illness are excellent resources for supporting your own mental health and also how best to be a support to someone else. Those that seemingly ‘have it together’ may be externally presenting that way, whilst battling their own insecurities or stresses. Check in on your ‘strong’ friends too.

The people you are privileged to do life with will be so appreciative of the space you hold for them, and are much more likely to offer the same to you when you need it. Take the conversation outdoors into nature, on a long drive or a joint activity that feels the most comfortable to share. We’re all on this adventure together, let’s make Time To Talk.

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