MINIS: 3 Ways to Love Your Body Right Now

Posted on June 14 2024


So you’ve learned that you’re a beach person not just a beach body, and you’ve got the summer reads to inspire a summer of self love. Our theme this month is all about body confidence, and this week we have a short and simple list of suggestions to ponder over your coffee treat of choice (spoiler: you deserve that coffee treat).


Why should you love your body exactly as it is, right now?

It goes into battle for you every single day. Despite your occasional self-sabotage, everything on the inside of your body is never not doing its utmost to keep functioning, thriving and keeping the lights on. So when you’re in your head about that meeting, that challenge, that conversation, remember that you are a powerhouse of cells that only want to renew, replenish and grow.


It keeps you moving, able to tackle the challenges you set.

If you feel stuck in a rut, possibly injured or battling a visible or invisible illness, it can feel really limiting, causing us to have a poor self image and low confidence. Remember that there is always a way through, that a form of movement or mindfulness is always there when you’re ready, and your body is ready to answer the call. Our body’s ability to pick back up and find a way through is pure magic.


It rises and responds to change.

Poor mental health very often correlates to poor physical health, and vice versa. Making small changes day-to-day can add up to big changes in not just the way your body looks, but how you feel about it too. Instead of berating yourself for not seeing results in the timescale you set, remember that random training creates random results, get intentional and your body will respond in ways you might not expect. Simply lengthening your exhale does wonders for your nervous system.


Note: It’s not you vs your body, you are your body and it’s worthy of the same love you give your loved ones.

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