You're a beach person, not just a beach body

Posted on June 01 2024


Our focus in June is Body Confidence, and as the temperature climbs and the summer plans draw closer, the pressure to be ‘ready’ feels very real.  Am I ready to be seen? To perhaps wear less/show more in swimsuits and shorts?


We like to remember at this time of year that you are more than a beach body, you are a beach person. Everything that makes you, you. Your character, personality, passions, interests, talents, skills, wit and unique perspective. That’s what makes you, you. Not how seemingly ‘ready’ you are to be on a beach wearing your swimsuit of choice.


Let’s celebrate all that our bodies do for us, down to the basic level of keeping us floating through this world. It works away without prompt, protecting us from disease, injury and illness, allowing us to take on our battles every single day. Instead of critiquing and berating for not being ‘X’ enough, think of 3 things your body does to keep you going. Your heart pumps blood around the body, your lungs inflate and deflate, your brain makes the trillion+ cells in your body do exactly what they are supposed to.


Next time you find yourself on the beach and you feel a pang of nerves in your tummy, remember you are a person on the beach, you deserve to be there and to soak up the sun just as much as anyone else. Know that even the seemingly ‘ready’ bodies are probably anxious too. Let’s shrug off this weight of expectation and put on our swimsuits/bikinis/shorts, absorbing confidence from one another.


You can also marvel at the ocean stretched out in front of you, gaze down to your toes in the sand and imagine how many have stood there before you, totally immersed in the experience of being a person on the beach, the sights, sounds, smells, textures. Be present and be a beach person, not just a beach body.

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