Our Favourite Reads for Summer

Posted on June 07 2024


If browsing bookshelves, reading reviews and getting book recommendations from friends is your *thing* then you’re in the right place. Consider this your shopping list for Summer-holiday-worthy reads.


The Four Ways to Wellbeing by Nicola Elliot


Dive into the pillars that NEOM (if you don’t know, we highly encourage you to) sing from the rooftops. Wellbeing isn’t just one category, it encompasses so many elements, daily habits and routines to build an overall happier and healthier life. Get inspired to apply some ideas to your daily life and breeze through this book, packed with advice and lived experience to set yourself up with tools to improve your wellbeing.

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My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella


This had us hooked from the first chapter. We’ve all had a tough boss at one point in our lives, this is a fascinating dive into the workplace dynamic of a seemingly privileged life and one that feels lacking. Be ready to turn everything you assume on its head, take this poolside and devour.

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Green Dot by Madeline Gray


This ultimate will-they-won’t-they romance is packed with wit, personality and moral dilemmas. You’ll desperately want to skip ahead, but trust us, the journey to the end is full of insight and thought-provoking themes. Got a long flight? You might just find yourself head first into this until landing.

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Let the light pour in by Lemn Sissay


One 4 line poem each day to accompany the morning coffee or tea, offering up a beautiful start to your day, wherever you wake up. Top tip: Get this one on your kindle so you can take it with you on the move.


Our favourite so far?


Said the sun to the moon,

Said the head to the heart,

‘We have more in common,

Thank sets us apart’.


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On our list


Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heinz


Kokoro - Japanese Wisdom for a Life Well Lived - Beth Kempton.


Bending Reality by Victoria Song

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