Yoga Fit Diaries - Ibiza April 2022

Posted on April 27 2022

yoga fit diaries

06:30 Sunrise in Ibiza has got to be seen! Waking up slowly and walking out on to the balcony, looking out as far as I can see, kettle boiling for the sweet morning coffee, and gratitude for the opportunity to wake up in paradise. Time to be still and to prepare for a day of possibility.


07:00 After I’ve got my rucksack filled with all my essentials to sell for the day, my yoga mat under my arm and my sandals popped on, it’s out the door to make the walk through the hotel grounds to the Marina for Sunrise Yoga.


07:30 There’s a gentle but palpable buzz in the air as people roll out their mats, take in the view of the ocean and sounds and smells that come with being present. Some are under blankets, cocooned and awaiting start of class in their cosiest clothes, travel mugs not far away filled with sweet nectar of choice. We move, we flow, we breathe, as one.


08:30 We finish the class stood up and ready to walk into our day, a little more at ease and a whole lot more appreciative of our bodies for carrying us through the past hour of movement. Next, it’s a quick trip to the restaurant to fill up my coffee cup, grab a freshly squeezed orange juice and a couple of pastries.


08:45 Making the walk back to the main building to set up the stand for a day of meeting guests, selling activewear and being witness to the subtle joy on faces leaving Studio 1 after an hour of bliss.


09:00 It’s go, go, go! Meeting new and familiar faces, talking with women about their style and needs, matching them with items that we hope will stay with them for years to come.


13:30 All is a little quieter, so it’s time to grab some lunch and sit next to the ocean in the fresh air and sunshine.


14:00 Back at it for an afternoon of representing the brand, meeting teachers and staff in between classes and immersing into the atmosphere of YogaFit Retreats.


17:30 Packing away time, followed by a walk down to the beach for some early evening sun.


18:30 Time to eat, paella and grilled fish with a side of grilled asparagus, yum!


19:30 Shower and skincare routine, ready for settling into the evening.


20:30 Meandering down to Studio 1 for a Yin and Soundbath in the most supportive and inviting company. A gentle wind down from a busy day and the best inducer for a restful sleep.

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