Women Who Make Things Happen: Pandora Paloma

Posted on May 14 2018

As part of our Women Who Make Things Happen series, we talked to Pandora Paloma, Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach, specialising in Intuitive Eating and Living.

We spoke to Pandora to discover more about intuitive eating and how it can boost your health and wellbeing; and how she juggles being a new mum with the demands of her own business.

1. What is ROOTED and what inspired you to set it up?

ROOTED was born with the philosophy: Listen to Your Body, Feed your Soul. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach and I created the brand as a platform to break free from the noise of 'wellness' and instead a place where creating a positive mindset comes before trends. I promote body positivity, self-care and intuitive living.

I’d worked in the wellness industry as a PR before I re-trained and I felt whilst there are lots of great messages, there were a lot of fads. I wanted to encourage people to seek a deeper mind and body connection and connect them to the GPS of their inner wisdom. This is #ROOTEDLIVING

2. Has it changed your approach to life?

Absolutely! Firstly, I have to practise what I preach, right?! So I make a conscious effort to practise my connection with my intuition on a regular – daily – basis. Secondly, owning your business might have its pros and cons, but I personally wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy that I direct my day-to-day and I define my success. Intuitive Living is a way of life. There is something inside every one that waits and listens for the sound of the authentic self.

3. What advice would you give for women wanting to start their own business?

Be authentic and don’t compare your success against others. It is absolutely pointless and comparison only robs us of precious time. There will also be something - or someone - else to focus on but your journey is unique to you and the more you compare yourself, the more you lose purpose and drive yourself deeper into a success than isn't based on truth and authenticity. Oh and the number rule; be sure to rest. You will work better when you take time out for you.

4. For those who aren't familiar with Intuitive Eating, please can you explain a little more about it and how it can improve your health?

Intuitive Eating is a no-diet diet, which allows us to become experts of ourselves. It sounds easy but with the modern world adding layers and layers of stress and imbalance, our intuition is fighting its way through the noise. Intuitive Eating rejects any diet mentalities you may be living with (‘no carbs’, ‘I shouldn't eat this/that’, for example), and helps us make peace with food, honour our hunger and start to feel satisfied.

It takes away deprivation and negative thinking around food, as well as the endless control patterns we find ourselves in. As soon as we start eating intuitively we free up that energy and time spent on food, and start bringing it into other areas of our lives. We learn to listen to what our body needs and feed it correctly. We learn to feel satisfied.

5. What's the most rewarding part of your role?

Working with women; I love women! I find us all fascinating and watching their journeys, especially on my Intuitive Eating and Living Programme, is simply magical!

6. And the most challenging?

Getting people to open up can be challenging sometimes. There is still so much stigma around disordered eating and many feel afraid to open up about it. But I try and of course, I went through it myself, so I find my clients resonate with me much ore easily because of this.

7. If you could impart three pearls of wisdom, about anything, what would they be?

Be authentic. Listen to your body. Feed your soul.

8. How does fitness feature in your day-to-day life?

Well, with a newborn not as much as I’d like! I now go to a yoga class once a week and do arm work and squats in the bathroom before I shower! I walk a lot too and once I feel strong and brave enough, I will start running again. I really do miss it!

9. What do you do to ground yourself during busy/stressful/emotional times?

Meditation and breathing are my go-tos. They take the least time and have the biggest impact. I meditate (Vedic Meditation) most days for 20 minutes. I also invest time in some visualisation work twice a week - it’s how I expand and attract what I’m manifesting.

10. If you could invite four inspiring people for dinner who would they be and why?

Emma Cannon, a fertility and women’s health expert who I just adore. She is wise and kind and wonderful in so many ways. Lucy Sheridan, the Comparison Coach, who is my current girl crush. My two best friends Katie and Sara who are my forever source of inspiration. We have girl gang necklaces and I feel them with me everywhere.

To discover more about Intuitive Eating visit ROOTED. Pandora’s next course runs on 5 June 2018, discover more about ROOTED's Intuitive Eating course here


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