Posted on August 02 2019

You’ve chosen and booked your dream fitness or yoga retreat, but now the stressful question arises; what to pack? Lucky for you – we have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt and created our activewear collections with it all in mind!

There’s often a mix of activities – from indoor yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices to outdoor exploration and fitness activities. So there is a fine line between over-packing and under-packing as you try to juggle all of the activities. You want to make sure you have what you need without lugging around stuff you have no use for whilst you’re away.

Our mentality is to always ‘be prepared for anything’ but pack smart! Here are our top tips:


1) Travel in style (but sensibly!)

The ideal scenario is a comfy travel outfit that can also double up as a workout outfit and we have the answer. Our Chill Time Culottes are stylish, sophisticated and super comfy. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they’re cooling and flexible. Perfect for the plane and your practice. Pair with our Motivate Me crop, Mindful Vest and Hygge Cardi for the ultimate look.

 2) Yoga & activewear outfits

With so many classes, activities (and photo opportunities!) it may be tempting to pack all of your favourite outfits. But unless you’re prepared to invest in LOTS of excess baggage, keep it simple and stick to block colours that match easily, so you can pack just a few tops and bottoms and mix and match to make up plenty of outfits. Our Motivate Me set in black will pair perfectly with any colours and our SuperModern Mesh Top is super versatile. Our Seamless Crop Top in white is a classic also. Our Supersoft Yoga Leggings, with their beautiful teal ombre, also go with almost anything. Remember that if you pack sensibly, you should be able to wash and reuse some outfits too- see below.


3) Use and use again

Be sure to bring some hand-wash detergent and a little underwear mini laundry line with you. You’ll be doing multiple classes and you’ll soon find  it’s impossible to bring an outfit for each class. So it’s important that at least some of your gear washes and dries easily, and you can use it more than once during your week. We’ve got your back here! Our Fabulously Fit T, Supermodern Mesh Top, Steffi Leggings and Easy Layer Vest are all super lightweight and quick drying options - a dream to hand wash quickly and reuse. You’re welcome J.

4) Layer, layer, layer

When booking a fitness retreat it’s easy to forget to  bring anything but Summer outfits, activewear and lightweight clothes. Don’t be caught out! Most retreats start with sunrise or end with sunset yoga practices that catch an offshore breeze or morning chill. So make sure you have lots of layering options that you can peel off as the class gets tough, or add on as you cool down and chill. Our Hygge Cardi and Oversized Dance Sweat are two perfect layering options for both your morning practices and your evenings.


A scarf can be very handy on a fitness retreat too, especially one that’s large enough to double up as a shawl, plane blanket, or sarong at the beach. Introducing our Chic Calm Wrap. Made from a super soft bamboo blend, it is great for when the temperature drops at night or for when the aircon gets too strong! As well as being supersoft, it’s practical too: it’s machine washable and packs down small.


5) Flipflops or more

Many fitness and yoga retreats are set in some of the world’s most beautiful surroundings which are best explored by foot. Even if you’re on a yoga retreat and not expecting to wear shoes to classes, don’t forget to pack a pair of running shoes that can be used for outdoor runs or walks (or the hotel gym if you fancy).   


6) Apres fitness dress code?

Retreats vary hugely on their apres fitness dress code. Some go all out glam in the evenings, and you’ll want all your bling with you. But others, even the most beautiful retreats, can be very casual. So do your homework and check with the organisers or someone who’s been there before.  Flip flops or heels in the evening? Either way, remember you’re on a holiday; clothes that are comfortable and versatile will always serve you well. Ourlightweight Easy Layer Vest with ILU's signature print is perfect for hot days AND for sweaty workouts. Supersoft, super light and sweat wicking too, it’s cut to flatter, with its loose fit and scooped neckline. Wear it loose or tie it in a knot at the waist for a dancer look. Perfect teamed with a crop top, or over a tight fitting tank to create a flattering layered look. Or just with a pair of shorts for a casual daytime look.


7) Don’t forget the mind: books and a journal

It’s not all physical activity; this is also your time to relax with some light reading in your downtime. A fitness retreat is perfectly complemented with some feel good or personal growth novels. Now might also be the perfect time to start journaling. Log those happy, peaceful moments, think why you’re enjoying them, or maybe write down the yoga routines that you’ve especially enjoyed, so you can recreate them at home. Take some time to be mindful and enjoy every moment.

8) Alarm clock

At many retreats you start your day early and if you don’t want to rely on the hotel wake up calls, you will need an alarm clock.  If you want to detox from technology, avoid the smart phone and bring an old-fashioned alarm clock.


9) Accessories

Make sure to pack a refillable water bottle, as you’ll be sure to need hydration! We love Swell and Chilly’s bottles. A beach bag/ rucksack are also essential to hold all your essentials and avoid having to go to and from your room all the time as you rush from class to class or class to bar. We love La Pochette sustainable kit pouches – they can also double up as laundry/dirty kit bags and can be thrown straight in the washing machine when you get home. They have waterproof options too, so if you’re planning water activities be sure to check them out!


10) Sun Protection

And lastly, don’t forget your suncream (make sure it’s not out of date) and sun glasses!  Just because you’re doing indoor classes or yoga under a tent does not mean you will not need sun protection!




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