What NOT to give up in January 2023

Posted on December 30 2022

january 2023

It’s a noisy time of year, and we aren’t talking about countless parties, fireworks and champagne corks. It’s a time we are also bombarded with messages to change ourselves, shrink ourselves, give things up and start a brand new reigime in the name of diet culture. We set resolutions, we break resolutions, we berate ourselves even though, often, these intentions are unrealistic, unachievable and uninspiring.


So what if we focussed on what not to give up in January 2023?



We hold our own values close to every business and design decision we make. While costs continue to soar, and compromises creep onto the table for discussion, we hold firm in our non-negotiables. We will always produce responsibly, source ethically, design for longevity and not landfill. We use factories that uphold the highest standards of working environments for the incredible workforce that bring our designs to life.

And personally? Integrity, transparency and gratitude are a big deal to us. You will find no green-washing here, lovely customers. We appreciate every single order, and hope that each outfit or item makes an imprint on each workout wardrobe. Spreading our message of making the functional and flattering also feminine, drives us daily towards building our brand.



Not just hobbies, past times and labours of love. We are talking the daily rituals that set your soul on fire. The interests that make your eyes light up, that sparks within you a light that powers your day, week or month. Even better if these things are also good for your health (hello morning smoothie and podcast walk), or perhaps you are creative, writing your debut novel. Nourish your mind, body and soul with your passions. Finding joy in the little things makes for a beautiful and receptive lifestyle.


Self love (last but not least)

Maybe a no-brainer, but amidst all the noise that tries to persuade us into changing our outward appearance, turn the lights on inwards and protect yourself from these unwanted persuasions. If you have fitness goals, that’s brilliant, but don’t let them stand in the way of your values, passions, and crucially, your self love. Taking care of yourself in the form of moving mindfully, eating a balanced diet free from diet culture and feeding your mind inspiration, not condemnation.


2023 is the year of continuing your amazing progress in 2022, no radical change needed (unless it sets your soul on fire of course). Know that wherever you are, you are enough, you are valued and you are capable.

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