Wellness, your way

Posted on July 29 2018

It’s easy to get distracted by the wellness 'success' of others. Toned bods on the gram, filtered pics of epic fitness adventures and friends who have dedicated themselves to yoga so hard they can now tickle their ears with their big toes. But no amount of studying anyone else’s wellness successes will get you to your own.


So, check out our top tips for sticking to what works for you.



Don’t be swayed by wellness fads

If carbs give you all the energy you need or HIIT workouts get you in the shape of your life, don’t bin them off just because the everyone else is head over heels for Paleo diets or Ballet Barre. Find what works for you and stick at it.


Trial and error

That said, if you think there’s room for improvement in your routine, don’t be afraid to try something new. Yin Yoga or a weekly Pilates session might support your goals, too. But don’t feel you have to stick at it if it’s not working out.


Don’t get guilt tripped

Your BFF may love her Beyonce vs Britney Dance spin sesh, but is it really for you? If not, don’t let her talk you into tagging along. You’ll wear yourself out ahead of the sessions you actually want to do and end up resenting your friend for dragging you there.


Eat what your body needs

Every body is different and has different needs. Diets that work for one group of people may not work for others. Don’t let yourself get talked into weird and wonderful diets if your ‘five-a-day, lean fish and meat’ scenario is working out just fine.


Take a break from the gram

Wonderful as it is, Instagram can be a wellness minefield. With so many different experts touting so many different diets, fitness routines and wellness options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Use it for inspo when you need it, but take a break if you can’t seem to switch off.

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