Vision Boarding for 2022

Posted on January 01 2022

vision board ILU

Knowing exactly where you want to be, who with and for whatever reason is a tall order when the past two years have seen us living life in a totally different way. So looking ahead and planning what we’d like to see happen for our small brand, we focus on how we want you to feel, because for us, helping women to feel empowered to move and to be their best selves is our mission.


We started out with the goal of hitting these three key needs in the women’s activewear space :






And so much comes under these umbrella terms that we endeavour to show you via our instagram @ilu_fitwear and our fortnightly newsletter.


What do we mean when we say Feminine?

Our goal is to produce products that are expressive to those who identify female, to empower women to make a pledge towards their health and wellbeing by investing in beautiful activewear.


Flattering - Because when we dress for the occasion, we are in such a more focussed headspace, confidence at it’s peak and when we believe women to be at their most beautiful.

Functional - we are obsessed with the fit. The usefulness of our pieces and their success in helping women feel their best when in workout/errand/school run mode is what motivates us to create clothing. It has to work, and we believe passionately that functional doesn’t have to compromise on style.


2022 will see us pivot into the Inclusively Adaptive space, with some new products launching that will address the needs above as well as a few new ones.


1 in 5 of the UK population are registered disabled, with the number of invisible illnesses making 1 in 4 people more likely. Dexterity, site and mobility problems amongst women of all ages has been largely unaddressed in the activewear space, which we would love to change. Expect some big things coming to our site that we hope every woman will love, as we strive to balance out our collection with pieces to be worn by all.


Finally, you’ll see the word together on our vision board. We would so love to see many of our beloved events back for 2022, that we love to attend and support our friends at. As soon as we have a date confirmed we will let you know!

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