The reviews are in! Ft. Paralympian, Hannah Dines

Posted on July 10 2022

As we continue our pivot into the Inclusively Adaptive space, we are seeking guidance, real-life wish lists and solutions that will make our brand more accessible, without compromising on our core values. Our activewear is designed to be functional, flattering and feminine, so, how to bring that into the adaptive market? We’ve been lucky enough to speak with Paralympian Hannah Dines, who sheds some light on the pressing need for more choice in this industry, we asked her a few questions about the current offering, and she has some wonderful ideas that we have taken to the drawing board.


Q. How do you find the current adaptive wear solutions in the mainstream market?


Hannah - 

“Getting dressed has always been stressful for me. Not the usual oh, is my outfit cool, but oh god, how will I get the thing on. I used to get left behind when the school did swimming because I couldn't put my uniform back on as fast as everyone else. Now, blessedly out of school but intent on doing a lot of different sports, even swimming, I get frustrated when I have to change multiple times a day. Such a waste of time. I've gravitated towards super baggy clothes for speed rather than style."


Q. What do you think of our Go With The Flow Set for your specific needs? 


Hannah -

"Leggings I can wear, (yay) and put on so quickly. If I'm wearing my splints they easily slide over. Same with the crop top, but my favourite item is the leggings. Honestly I love my legs in them"


Q. What would you like to see in the mainstream in the future of activewear?


Hannah -

“Pockets, small finger loops to assist getting limbs in! The material in the ILU range was fab- (can) everything be made out of that please? Also, I have to say, I still love baggy but as I don't have a wheelchair I don't have to worry about things catching, still baggy for me. All the options!"


Follow her Instagram @hannahrdines to keep up with her travels and colourful life!


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