Summer Fitness – Survive the Heat

Posted on July 15 2018

Summer fitness can be a challenge. Packing your kit in the morning only to abandon your post-work fitness plans by lunchtime? In this heat, we don’t blame you. But, if you want to keep some sort of regime up through the warm weather – in between the G&Ts, of course – check out our top keep-it-cool workout tips below.


Freeze it out

Off out for a run? Wet a small gym towel and pop it in the fridge or freezer before you and you’ll come back to a glorious cold wipe down post-workout. Summer fitness never felt so good!


Get up and out

Make the most of light mornings and squeeze your workout in before the heat of the day sets it. It’s light by around 5am these days so, if you can hack it, popping out for a run – or a bit of garden/balcony yoga! – at this time, before the heat hits the 20s, is glorious.


Hydrate for the win

It’s more in important than ever, in this heat, to hydrate properly. Always take a bottle of water with you to every workout. And if you know it’s going to be a tough session, make sure you can fill it up somewhere or even take two bottles. If you feel like water isn’t quite cutting it, try hydrating with an electrolyte based drink, like coconut water.


Take it down a notch

Put the HIIT workouts on the backburner for a week or two, it won’t do you any harm, and experiment with some slower paced yoga or Pilates workouts. They are both great ways to build strength and flexibility – and your body will thank you for a breather from the intense workouts.


Get picky

These days, awesome air con and huge rain showers are top of our list when it comes to finding a gym, class or studio we love. So, scout out your local options and maybe even switch gyms/studios for a few weeks. There’s nothing better than stepping through the gym doors to be hit with a blast of air con. And, post-workout, a leisurely douse in a luxurious chilly shower is everything!

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