September is the new January

Posted on September 02 2022

september is the new January

You may of heard it said that September is the new January. A time of change both in the weather, diaries and holiday plans (whether you live by the school terms or not!). We all feel a shift at this time of year, as we begin the final quarter of 2022, it’s an amazing opportunity to ‘start fresh’ and ride the wave of back-to-it energy. 


As well as being a fantastic time to reestablish or begin healthy habits, there’s nothing like a countdown to Christmas to really motivate whatever change you may feel you need. 


Has your workout routine been a little hit-and-miss over the summer? Store that solar energy and pour it into an achievable and enjoyable workout plan. 


Are there professional goals that you can bunker down and get to grips with? This season lends itself to studies and deep dives, with more rainy days on the horizon, autumn brings the perfect opportunity to harness the indoors and get that creative project completed. 


Perhaps you’re starting further education or adult learning courses? September is here and ready for you to smash your goals, and, if you’re like us, the opportunity for new stationary is always calling.


We beat the end of summer blues by planning our appearances at some wonderful upcoming events, after an exciting year of pivoting to become inclusively adaptive in our activewear offering. You’ll see us at Om Yoga Show in October, YogaFit Retreats and more to mention!


Whatever this new month brings to you, remember that you have the power to make any changes you feel you need, at however small scale it may be. Your goals and priorities should gently align, but don’t forget to be kind to yourself too.



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