Running in Autumn 🍂

Posted on November 07 2021

We have shorter hours of daylight, AKA a narrower window in which to run in the light (which is highly recommended below) and the constant dilemma of choosing the perfect activewear for the changeable weather. Pockets of sun here and there and the drop in temperature make for totally different running conditions than we were used to in Summer. We’ve got a few tips for transitioning from Summertime runs to Autumn/ Winter, with a huge focus on safety, comfort, and staying motivated.



After so many tragic incidents against women being highlighted in our news lately, safety is at the top of the list of advice you’ll find here. If you like to run alone, it would be best to run in daylight hours where possible, think lunch hour or perhaps if possible a shuffle of your day to accommodate running in the light. If you must run after dark, choosing well lit, populated areas is a must. Could you join a local run club that run after dark? Safety in numbers has never been more relevant. Running in a group or buddying up with someone nearby is a great way of getting those miles in whilst meeting new people and possibly discovering new routes.



With the ever-changing forecast and pockets of rain and sunshine, layering is your best friend. A few light layers that offer some warmth and shielding from the wind, that can be taken off and tied around the waist make the ideal running outfit. Our Sculpt Me Top  is ideal for this, a super supportive and comfortable waist band, extra long sleeves with thumbholes to keep those hands warm when the cold sets in. Choosing the right pair of leggings is also a huge part of your enjoyment of running, so opting for a sweat wicking and supportive pair - Motivate Me Leggings offer a flattering, functional but feminine solution that has become our default in Autumn so far.



Still reeling from watching the London Marathon in October You might of been inspired to begin running, return to it or to even book yourself a place on a race in the Spring. Having a challenge in the not-too-distant future is a great way of staying motivated when the sun dips behind the clouds. A training plan, a goal you’ve set yourself, or an event in the diary can make all the difference when the sofa looks more inviting than the pavements. Whether you’re starting the Couch 2 5k, embarking on a half or full marathon training journey, remember that no matter the distance, you ARE a runner, and you only regret the runs you didn’t go on.

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