Preparing for Spring - new season energy

Posted on March 06 2022

Whether you subscribe to the stars, moons and retrogrades, or whether you think it’s all hocus pocus, one thing we can all agree on is every season having it’s own unique energy, beauty and comfort in the cyclical nature of time. Harnessing the stage that you’re in, seasonally and emotionally can provide so much comfort and clarity, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty.


Here at ILU Fitwear we enter Spring ready to welcome some new additions to the collection, a project born in the autumn/winter months and (super-excitingly) is almost ready to be out in the wild. Keep an eye on your inbox for our newsletters with more information!


A few journalling points for you to jot down -


| Welcome new beginnings |

Just as the trees are beginning to rustle with the promise of leaves, and the sun is feeling the slightest bit warmer, you too can find an area of your life to perhaps begin again. We’ve mentioned before that the ‘New year, new you’ marketing ploy is there to capitalise on consumer’s vulnerabilities, and so the concept of reemerging from winter into spring is by no means a prompt that you need to do, or be, anything other than what you aspire. We simply encourage you to take stock, and use the hopeful energy of the change in seasons to spark a shift in your own eco-system.


‘You are the sky, everything else is the weather’ - Pema Chödrön


| Embrace the lighter mornings and longer days |

It’s this time of the year that we have the beautiful reminder of the seasonal shift that brings us brighter starts, earlier sunrises and longer daylight hours to fill with whatever we choose. We love to see the sunrise and sunset, a wonderful way of getting your body into a circadian rhythm that is in sync with the daylight hours. Studies show that witnessing the sunrise and sunset is not only a beautiful ritual, but also seriously contributes to good quality sleep and routine.


| Get out into nature |

Witnessing the season change in nature is a beautiful reminder that situations in your life are not permanent, that nature runs it’s course, and that there is always hope for brighter days ahead. Take your workout outside as much as you can, whether that means your treadmill run swaps out for a park run, your indoor swim becomes outdoors (bonus kudos for non-heated!) and feel the sun on your skin. It might seem bracing at first, but we can attest that there is nothing quite like moving in the crisp and sunny spring air.

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