National Stress Awareness Day 2022

Posted on November 02 2022

national stress awareness day

A regular feature of everyday conversation, a term used to describe many of our states of being, ‘stress’ gets a lot of air time. Many of us can’t avoid it altogether, so why not explore our response to it?


Stress takes many forms, from physical and emotional exhaustion, to overwhelm from work or care load, triggering many physical illnesses as a result and leading to cases of burnout and relationship strain. Sounds like something to avoid at all costs, and yet, we can all often identify with stress being part of our daily lives.


National Stress Awareness Day, founded by the International Stress Management Association(ISMA) is an organisation that shines light and perspective on this topic, in the hopes of reducing stigma, offering support and guidance through many of life’s challenges that ultimately lead to a form of stress on the mind or body.


Here are a few of our top tips for regulating your stress response and managing the day-by-day demands.


1/ Share your worries. There is no doubt that whatever you are facing, whether it be deemed ‘big’ or ‘small’, if it matters to you, it will matter to someone you love just as much. The care you show for others is waiting to make its return to you, and opening up about your feelings of overwhelm could validate someone else’s experience. 


2/ Tap into your intuition. Ask yourself exactly what it is you need to solve or gain perspective on the problem. Be as specific as you can, listening to your basic needs first. When was the last time you ate? Had a drink of water? Moved your body? Covering your essential needs before tackling the tough stuff really does put the pep in your step.


3/ If in doubt, slow things down and choose the next right thing. If you have a mountain ahead of you, think of the first few steps as your first priority. Taking things in slower time and making mindful, smaller decisions all add up in problem-solving. You also get a sense of accomplishment more often if you count all the little wins!


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