Move for love, not for guilt ft. Angie Bell

Posted on April 10 2022

move for love

How are you moving? With love we hope. For your ability to Get It Done and, perhaps, even taking time out of your day to move in a way that brings you joy and not dread. There are elements of Intuitive Movement that really ring true for us, one being moving for the way it makes you feel and not how for you want it to make you look. Reframing exercise as an act of self love, self care and self appreciation for how much you can achieve, celebrating all the little wins really shifts your perspective on your goals.


With an indulgent season around the corner, this is your sign, if you needed one : that you never need to ‘earn’ your calories. Easter brings with it a whole mix of emotions, whether you celebrate the religious significance, or enjoy the long weekend and partake in the giving and receiving of eggs, doing so mindfully and without the pressure to ‘get back on track’ or ‘torch the extra treats’ will make the season pass with little discomfort or feelings of regret.


We asked PT and founder of Studiobelle, Angie Bell what she thinks of the 'earn and burn' mindset around this time of year.


"If you're not giving yourself small and regular indulgences, as soon as the opportunity arises, you'll grab it with both hands and run with it, so make sure you do indulge every so often and allow yourself some of the things you love. An 80/20 rule is a great balance to keep you on track, not deprived, it will make it sustainable and give you longevity and you'll get results.

Make sure you're working out because you love your body and not because you are punishing it for eating some chocolate. The body is a friend, treat it how you would your bestie. I will be eating chocolate for breakfast the same as I do every year but then I will have a high protein lunch and a yummy home cooked meal for dinner, with a family a walk thrown in somewhere 🙌🏻 now that's balance."


Movement for self love, now that’s something we can get behind.


Enjoy your Easter time, however you celebrate it, and remember that you worth is never a number, indulgence in moderation is not the enemy, and you can begin your intuitive journey whenever you feel like it.


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