MINIS - Stopping Time and Slowing Down

Posted on May 08 2022

stopping time

We seem to be whizzing through this year at a rate of knots! It can feel as though the days and weeks are flying by, but there is a way to slow this process, be appreciative of the here and now, whilst still planning on fulfilling those future dreams. Over on Intuitive Soul Sanctuary last month, we were introduced to a beautiful book The Art of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai, and here are our favourite takeaways.


Your life is a garden - you can choose to plant, nurture and weed out anything you choose to. You can plant your garden the way that makes you feel your best, gives you inspiration, and the realisation that you really do have control.


Adding in mindful movement - reminds you how much your body can do. Instead of focussing on activities that seem unachievable, start to celebrate the small moves that build strength. Can you move more intuitively? The way your soul needs? For the optimum balance and self-care, adding in more movement provides an environment for your life garden to flourish in all areas.


Sleep routine - is vital for absolutely everybody. No one is immune to burnout, overwhelm or fatigue. Introducing a sleep schedule - same time lights out, same time starting the day - gives your body a routine. Even if you’re feeling like a late night sounds a lot of fun (and they can be!) staying up super late often, for most, leads to late night binges, groggier mornings, and reliance on sugar/caffeine to make it to 6pm. You can hugely change your day-to-day by having a disciplined routine, it’s a top form of self-care!


To do lists - Break down big tasks into small, get some small wins early on and ride the wave of accomplishment as opposed to seeing a never ending list as a chore. You are multifaceted, so capable, but you deserve the extra 5 minutes of organisation that can make all the difference as you go about your day.


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