MINIS - Spring hacks

Posted on March 27 2022

spring hacks

Clocks are forward an hour, it’s the start of a new season and phase around the sun, bringing with it reflection from the months prior and optimism for the months ahead. New seasons bring about their own natural ‘reset’, both in nature and within us, whether we notice it or not.



How about tracking your mood to better understand your own ebbs and flows, over time giving you a greater picture of your mental wellbeing, areas of need and overall health? We recommend the app Moodfit, or if you’re a Garmin user and track your cycle, there is a handy section on the app to record your daily mood and symptoms. Tracking is so beneficial in building up an understanding of how we work throughout the days, weeks and months. Understanding the common patterns, symptoms and when they occur really contributes to this.


Inhale the new

  • Nourish - we need sunlight, sustenance and hydration
  • Opportunity - to connect, evolve and innovate
  • Kindness - to yourself, to others, be kind always
  • Transform - your ‘shoulds’ to ‘coulds’.
  • Simplify - daily routines and practices,
  • Shed - the Winter limitations and inhale possibility.


Exhale what no longer serves you

  • The toxic friendship
  • The pressure to fit your clothes (they should fit YOU!)
  • The expectation to be everything to everybody
  • Negative self talk
  • Pressure to be anyone but you
  • Judgement for past mistakes or regrets


Enjoy the extra light on your morning commute, the longer daylight hours to squeeze a run into, and the Vitamin D in all the above!

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