MINIS : Nourish your mind, body, soul

Posted on April 13 2022

minis - nourush

A small reminder to take care of what you put into your body. Not necessarily your stomach, but instead consider what you feed your mind, body and soul with each day. We can get so ingrained into our habits of consumption, without letting the mind digest interactions, conversations, paragraphs and shows. Below are some gentle encouragements that will hopefully inspire and guide you through whatever you are experiencing.




A ‘brain break’ is very much a thing. Giving yourself a pause between activities that place demands on your cognitive function can slow down the build up, bringing you more mindfully into each moment, more appreciative of silence and ready to face the next encounter. Can you switch off your notifications for 10 minutes? Can you put your headphones on for 15 minutes and take a walk? Clarity in abundance, solutions a little easier to reach, preventative and not reactive.




Our body houses our emotions, the beat of our hearts, the reaction to intense physical exercise AKA sweating, and our nervous system is intricately wired in a way completely specific to our own selves. How incredible is that? How we move our bodies makes a huge impact on our sense of self worth, ability and fitness to survive the demands of the world we live in. Can you prioritise more movement into your week? Imagine if you started now to incorporate more daily movement in your body, how you might feel a week from now, a month, a year? The time will pass anyway, you owe it to yourself to try.




The essence of you. Your life force that is alive and coursing through your being. Can you nourish it with connections that support, lift and encourage you? Can you place a hand on your heart in tough situations, feeling your heart beat and remembering that no matter what lays in front of you, that you’ve survived every single hard day of your life so far? Placing a hand to the heart is a way to connect the mind, body and soul, remembering you have all you need within you.

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