MINIS : Looking ahead to Summer

Posted on May 22 2022

summer image

The sun has arrived, the summer wardrobe gets a refresh (out with the old and piled off to the charity shops is always good!), and more than likely, you’ve thought about how you might look and feel in Summer 2022. We’ve had the past 2 summers under lockdown, this is our first proper year of the Great British Summer since 2019. So ask yourself, how do you want to look? Is that goal with your wellbeing in mind, or perhaps pressure from what you consume/follow/trust?


There is no such thing as ‘summer ready’. Celebrate your body through all the seasons. Summer is not going to judge you, cancel you or put a stop to your plans. It’s a season that happens to encourage dressing for hotter weather, how you define that is up to you.


Any ‘work’ you feel you have to do before X time, release this constraint. Feeling good and working out is a year-round endeavour. Similar emotions to cramming for an exam, often leads to burnout and feelings of failure when the unrealistic standard is what drives us. Instead, approach your fitness and wellbeing from a place of self-love, self-appreciation and love your body throughout the process.


You are worth more than a clothing tag defines you as. That is all.

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