MINIS - Keeping active in the heat

Posted on July 17 2022

Heat scuppering your workouts? Finding yourself dodging the high temperatures like we used to dodge the rain showers? Keeping active throughout the summer might take a little more planning, so here’s some handy tips on how to keep moving, embrace the season and get closer to your fitness goals.


Early to rise

An early wakeup starts with the night before. Can you bring your bedtime back by an hour and wake an hour earlier to squeeze in your session? It might seem like an impossibility at the time, but there’s not a better feeling than sitting down to work in the morning knowing that your workOUT has been ticked off already. Taking the time for you, before the world wakes up is a habit that initially seems tough, but bears great rewards.


Nourish and hydrate

First thing, before your cup of coffee or tea, a big glass of water will flood your body with hydration and prepare it for movement. Take sips throughout and, if it’s a sweatier session, be sure to top yourself up after you’ve cooled down. Training outdoors in higher temperatures saps more energy, as your body works harder to keep cool, help it out by being prepared to carry water with you, cue the hydration vests and water bottles.


If you train endurance

Plan, plan, plan! Check the night before and choose cooler times of the day, (read above - it’s probably early! If in doubt, scale it back, factoring in the extra exertion with the higher temperatures. Avoid the middle of the day, and be sure to take on extra nutrition.


P.S - SPF - even if it’s cloudy!

Apply factor 30+(50+ even better) throughout the day, remember that it will wash off with sweat, pollution and water if you’re lucky enough to swim in some!


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