MINIS: Creating your summer morning routine

Posted on July 31 2022

creating morning routine

Use the extra light in the mornings to inspire a ritual of self-care, whilst the world (or the little ones) are still asleep. Take more than a moment for yourself, consciously set aside time before you need to Do All The Things, prioritising honouring what it is you need. 


First tip - hydrate before you caffeinate. It’s so tempting to reach straight for the good stuff, that first-of-the-morning coffee. But your body has just worked hard overnight to keep you alive, and it’s likely dehydrated. You’ll also prevent any lightheaded effects from the coffee later on if you’ve flooded your body with H2O.

Salute the sun and draw from its energy. A great time of the day to get your workout in, before the heat builds later on in the day, and becomes a game of chasing the cloudy, cooler temperatures. Move however your body is calling for. If it’s a short yoga sequence, a power-building strength workout or perhaps a run, you’ll know after that morning coffee exactly what you need. Nothing beats starting the day knowing you’ve set aside time to move in whichever way sets your soul on fire.


Speaking of, is there anything you wish you had more time for later on in the day? Are you craving finishing that chapter, or article or perhaps creating your own? There is magic to the early morning before the world wakes up and grabs your attention. This is your time to nourish yourself, mind, body, soul.

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