MINIS : 3 reasons to take activewear on holiday

Posted on April 03 2022

3 reasons to pack activewear

We are looking ahead to a Spring / Summer filled with travel possibility, and the mere thought of packing a suitcase is enough to get excited about. Here’s a few reasons why packing activewear is always smart.


If you like an active holiday

You will feel super prepared - should the mood take you - to do a workout, go exploring on a run, hit the hotel gym or immerse yourself in the local activities. Nothing fills the heart more than packing a suitcase with the knowledge that should the opportunity arise, you’re prepared to sweat. Future you will thank you.


You’ll still have room for everything else

If you insist on all the shoe options, your activewear will not take up a whole lot of space. It folds and rolls down so small that there will always be a space (think Jenga but the suitcase version). Packing activewear that is light weight, quick drying, easy to wash and go, without detracting from the rest of your luggage allowance is worth it’s next-to-no weight in gold.


Functional, feminine, flattering

3 words to describe your ILU workout wardrobe. Need a boost of confidence, or perhaps to feel supported, whilst expressing your femininity? We all love to feel and look good on holiday, it’s a celebration of rest, time out to recharge and to pack a bag with all of your favourites. It’s the time to harness your individuality, armed with the outfits you need to get fit done.


Book the flight. Pack the suitcase. Remember your activewear.

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