Microdosing - does it all add up?

Posted on July 24 2022


Adopting a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming initially, overhauling lifelong habits or pitfalls that seem tough to kick. Or we may be put off at the cost of time investment, money and resources that we could choose to funnel elsewhere. Our advice: healthy choices and changes may seem hard, but feeling unhealthy, unbalanced and off-kilter is also a daily hard. If both ways are hard, choose the one with endless potential and benefits.


There’s plenty of advice out there about prioritising your wellbeing, dedicating time and promises of quick results. Punishing cardio, core-melting yoga and high-octane HIIT might be intimidating for some, dreamy for others, you’ll find your jam once you begin.


Short on time? Let us introduce you to the phenomenon known as exercise snacking. Defined by taking the opportunity when you can to move more, use your muscles more and incorporate exercise into your daily life. This can look like taking the stairs over the escalator, getting off your bus a few stops early, or taking the long way to your favourite cafe for lunch. If you use your commute, lunch break or other activity that takes up your time, adding in some fitness benefits is a double win. 


There are so many fitness apps born in the pandemic, when we were confined to our homes and unable to visit studios or gyms. Only have 15 mins? You’ll find a workout that will raise your heart rate, get the endorphins flowing, and 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes! Our favourite apps are Shreddy, Alo Moves and Fiit, for setting your intensity, time available and workout goals, there is now a solution for not having time to get to the gym.


Microdosing your movement is one element, another is nutrition. Our advice: if in doubt, add more colour. Mix up your meals by using seasonal veg in a variety of colours, the more the better! Are you a fan of morning cereal or porridge? Throw in some blueberries and a banana. A super-sweet smoothie lover? Try adding half an avocado for some heart-loving healthy fats and balance.


You can add some healthy goodness to your life by considering your beautiful brain and all it does for you. Conducting your entire bodily functions and housing all those brilliant thoughts, a moment of gratitude for your own mind goes a long way. Can you pause during the day and do a quick body scan, checking in with how you’re thinking or feeling? After all the exercise snacking, microdosing your nutrition throughout the day, take some time to breathe, notice and adjust. Just as with our physical health, take opportunities to address your own needs, self care isn’t selfish.

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