Posted on February 23 2024


We are the team behind ILU Fitwear, and here's a little more about us. Mary, our Founder and Creative Director, Naomi our Marketing Manager, and Isabel, our Production Manager.


Hi Mary, what’s your favourite coffee order?

MM: Oat flat white. Got to be good coffee, I am a complete coffee snob!


What are you most excited about for ILU in 2024?

MM: really growing our adaptive offering. To be able to create something beautiful that can also do good is really special. On which note- we are looking for adaptive users to help us test these designs, if you are part of that community please reach out. And if you have no idea what adaptive is all about…well, follow us on social and find out!


What do you think makes ILU Fitwear so special?

MM: You’re talking to the founder, what do you expect me to say- everything??!! But seriously, a lot of the time I don’t think we give ourselves credit for what we do. Our clothes are made ourselves from scratch, in reputable EU factories, none of our pieces are bought from ready made drop shipped mass produced items made in the Far East, and then just logo’d or printed (which many smaller brands do). Our production processes are genuinely responsible and environmentally respectful. We don’t make false or ill informed claims. The styles are absolutely beautiful. And on top of that we are including adaptive. Put all of that together and you have something really special.


Hi Naomi, what’s your favourite coffee order?

NC: On a busy day, an americano with hot oat milk is my go-to. For an occasional treat, an oat flat white is divine.


What are you most excited about for ILU in 2024?

NC: Getting involved with NPD (new product development) and diversifying the content across the platforms. I love the data, analysing what works well and I can't wait to see what ILU has to offer this year. Buidling the community around the brand gives me a lot of joy.

What do you think makes ILU Fitwear so special?

NC: Because we offer designs that are made for longevity, not landfill. We take the responsibility of production seriously and we listen to the needs before rushing into a new product development. The amount we listen, learn, adapt and expand our offering each year is so inspiring.


Hi Isabel, what’s your favourite coffee order?

IA: Cappucino with Oat milk. With chocolate sprinkles of course!!!


What are you most excited about for ILU in 2024?

IA: Ohhhh, I’m really excited with the variety of products we are planning for 2024. Just watch this space. Together with Mary, I develop the product and manage the entire production cycle assuring not just a very high quality but also maintaining the highest environmental standards.


What do you think makes ILU Fitwear so special?

IA: Ilu is special because we care. We care about our product, our customers, and our planet.

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